Healing touch massage

A full body energy healing massage, the most tender areas of the body are attended to do help release blockages & increase energetic flow throughout. With subtle encouragement, reiki energy facilitates movement of anything stagnant within the body & wherever required blocks will be ‘scooped out’ releasing what no longer serves you back into the earth.

~ 1hour/$200

Swedish massage

A relaxing, full body massage using long gliding strokes to stimulate blood flow & relieve tension in the body.

~ 30minutes/$50

~ 45minutes/$70

~ 1hour/$90

Aromatherapy massage (Temporarily unavailable)

A detoxifying, full body, sensual massage. The combination of essential oils brings you a perfect blend that will thoroughly relax your mind and muscles, improve your circulation, and soothe any sore or inflamed tissues in your body.

~ 1hour/$100

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