Psychic Healing

Shadow Counselling – $60

The shadow aspect is the part of ourselves we ignore; behaviours, habits & even situations or certain parts of our relationships with friends & family we lock away from ourselves. Usually this is done unconsciously, therefore remaining unaware of why certain events continue to play out in our lives. This type of counselling session illuminates that in which sits tucked in the shadows; bringing it to the forefront of our awareness so that one is able move forward with more clarity & break old cycles. This session usually brings out things about oneself in which they do not want to hear & refuse to see. If you are genuinely ready to clear away things in your life that no longer serve you, with an open mind, this may be for you. Be prepared to look at parts of your being from a new angle, with a fresh perspective. Approx 1hr

Psychic surgery – $160

Practice sessions by donation – $60

This is a new service that is still in the early stages of learning. Currently I need people to practise on! A donation for my time & room fee is all that is asked for in exchange.

A full body energy healing session, this non-invasive treatment works on the etheric or energy body. Whilst you lie down (fully clothed) in a relaxed, meditative state, your body will be psychically scanned for any areas of attention, these may include physical as well as other layers of the auric field. This healing goes straight to the source of the pain of any physical ailment & helps to shift blocks, remove hooks/ethereal wounds, rebalance chakras, deal with trauma, bring awareness to unhealthy cycles & so much more. Each session is unique to the individual. Approx 1hour 15mins

To make a booking

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