Tantric Healing Journey

Looking for something more? Do you want to step into the Sacred Sexual Being that you are? Are you wanting to deepen your connection to yourself? Enhance your spiritual journey, your connection to divine? Learn how to move your energy & release blockages?

Tantric practise can be traced back thousands of years in Hinduism, Buddhism & Daoism. Tantra is a Sanskrit word & it’s meaning is interpreted as follows; the verbal root of tantra is tan, which is “to expand” followed by the suffix tra, which is an instrumental suffix. Therefore Tantra literally means “an instrument (tra) for expansion (tan)”.

This healing journey is focused on spiritual intimacy, rather than the physical aspect. Sexual energy is our life force energy; it is the key to unlocking your authentic being & activating your spiritual self!

Such a practise is ideal if you are wanting to explore

~ A deeper awareness of your body

~ Become more receptive to submission & vulnerability

~ Release blockages

~ Tune into your ethereal body & own life force field

For men

~ Experiencing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lacking sex drive, porn addiction

~ Last longer

~ Heighten your sexual perception

For women

~ Experience deeper, longer lasting orgasms

~ Bring more awareness into your Yoni & ‘de-armour’

~ Rediscover your voice for your Yoni, reestablish what she likes & her boundaries

~ How to get out of your head & let go

There are three levels; each layer has a different level of awareness. Each session is tailored according to where the person is at & what they desire to get out of the session. Any inward journey is exactly that, a journey; therefore real change through healing is best achieved over multiple sessions.

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

All clients must begin with level one before proceeding with levels two & three.

An over the phone consultation is required before securing a booking.

Level one – Energy Healing – $150

A Hands-on Tantric Healing, the type of energy used is similar to Reiki, in which Shakti spiritual energy is used to achieve results. Non sensuous in nature, this practise focuses on breath & movement of ones own energy at the most fundamental level. It is perfect for refining & purification of the soul. This session is approx 1hr 15mins.

For men & women.

Level two – Massage – $250

Sensuous Tantric Healing is similar to level one, however, as the name implies involves a more sensuous element. Beginning with a focus on breath, we then also work the body with a massage over the chakras. This encourages the energy centres to relax, therefore allowing more fluidity. This is great for calming & relaxation whilst remaining connected to the physicality. Approx 1.5hrs

For men & women.

Level three – Lingham Massage – $500

A truly Sexual Tantric Healing journey, this session brings out your life force energy. Here we are working with all three levels of healing; prana or breath, physicality & life force spiritual energy. An immersive journey into self, this is where ultimate surrender to your life force comes in. Those open to this healing may experience a strengthened bond to their heart space & field of awareness. Approx 1.5hrs

For men.

Commitment to self awareness package -$350

Combining levels one & two, this package is for those who are serious about honouring their journey to explore the practise of self love & increasing self awareness.

For men & women.

To make a booking

CONTACT 0403 226 187